Herbal Harmony®

Kopřivnice, Czech Republic, Europe; www.herbalharmony.cz

Herbal Harmony®

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Herbal Harmony Company, Ltd. We offer you herbal cosmetics, which presents our natural cosmetic creams, lotions, herbal creams and gels for active care for your face skin and the skin. Active ingredients of our compositions are vegetable oils, plant extracts concentrated and separated active substances, which are based on materials whose effect examined for centuries.

  • - Aloe Vera 50ml - face skin cream - from 3,92 EUR
  • - Cinnamon body lotion 200ml - from 4,76 EUR
  • - Manuka 50ml - face skin cream - from 4,06 EUR
  • - Massage gel clove spice 250ml - from 3,08 EUR
  • - Lavender herbal ointment 50ml - from 2,52 EUR
  • - Shea Butter 100% 50ml - from 3,08 EUR
  • For more information contact us by email: info@herbalharmony.cz


Herbal Hamrony
Shea Butter
Herbal Harmony -  herbal ointment
Herbal Harmony - cream
Aloe vera
 Cinnamon body lotion
Manuka cream
Massage gel clove spice 250ml
 Lavender herbal ointment

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